Who Are We?!

Tue 5th May 2015 - 1:54am : Gaming

We are N0VA. A team of 4 Call Of Duty players. We try to play like there is no tomarrow, because our gaming career can end quickly, we try to make the best out of all of our matches. For our Roster, the team consists of:  Eli "NiTRO" Gray, Cameron "Sc0ped" Wells, Kobie "RAG3R" Nikka, and Andrew "Dood" Mabon. We try and focus on the positve side of things and helps a lot! We also try to stay warmed up. We try not to get rusty, and put important things first. We are a team with a good vision. But this team cannot go anywhere with out you, the viewer, the fan, or the hater.



Eli Gray

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